Baby Care baby hand&foot Handprint mud and foot print baby hand and foot mold hundred days gift gift hand and foot print

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Size: Frame Size:35*15*2cm / 13.78*5.9*0.79in
Material: Wood + Clay
Specification: Photo Size:8*12cm / 3.15*4.72in
Age Range: 7-9M,0-3M,4-6M,10-12M
Material: Wood + Clay
Frame Size: 35*15*2cm / 13.78*5.9*0.79in
Photo Size: 8*12cm / 3.15*4.72in
Clay Area: 8*12cm / 3.15*4.72in
Color 1: White Frame + Pink Clay | White Frame + Blue Clay
Color 2: White Frame + White Clay | White Frame + Green Clay
baby care: baby Inkpad
foot Hand print: Hand print
Parent-child Inkpad Souvenirs: Watermark Infant Souvenirs Casting Clay Toys
Baby Handprint Footprint: Non-Toxic Newborn Imprint Hand Inkpad
Baby Hand Footprint Makers: Baby Hand Footprint Makers
Footprint: baby Footprint

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