Why is the name of the store Granny Max Gifts?

The store Granny Max Gifts is dedicated to the owners mother who passed away. She was very passionate about the gifts she would buy.  She was a granny,  and her name was Maxine. 

How are the shipping times?

The average shipping time is 7 to 35 days. That doesn't necessarily mean it will take that long.  Granny Max Gifts is a new store, and we are working with manufacturers to bring the average down. To compensate for the length of time Granny Max Gifts offers free shipping for everything.

Why does it take awhile to ship?

Most of the manufacturers Granny Max Gifts are based out of China. So it will take extra time to come to the U.S.

What payment methods does Granny Max Gifts accept? 

Granny Max Gifts accept MasterCard, PayPal, Visa, American Express, Citibank, and Discover.